Sugaria Attributes

Level: 4
Laws: Exotic, Substandard Physics
Playable Races: Candian
Foci: Carries A Quiver, Entertains, Lives In The Wilderness, Slays Dragons, Wields Two Weapons At Once, Layered
Skills: Geology,Smashing
Connection to the Strange: No direct connection exists, but some creatures native to the Strange can enter thru Chocolate Surprise creatures.
Connection to Earth: Some gates in the Hunting ground lead to Earth.
Age and Size: Developed Recursion
Spark: 15%
Trait: Appealing, Tough

What A Recursor Knows About Sugaria

  • Everything in the recursion is made from some kind of sugary substance.
  • The recursion operates under the law of Substandard physics and has several unique effects.
  • A recursor translates into Sugaria as a candian of a chosen type.
  • Cyphers can only be found in Chocolate Surprise creatures.

                      Sugaria came to be through fictional leakage. The recursion is in the shape of a giant jellybean 80 miles long, 50 miles wide and 40 miles thick. The landmass is made of various types candy, some only found buried in deeper levels. The sun is a massive glowing gobstopper that never sets down.

                      Candians – like everything in Sugaria, humans ar also made of some kind of sweet. While Candians are humanoid in shape and size, they come various types of candy. The most common ones are:

  Chocolate – +2 to one of your pools and +1 to your edge depending on what kind of chocolate you are. Dark chocolate – Might, Milk chocolate – Speed, White chocolate – Intelligence.

  Bubblegum – Also called gums. Various colors, usually pink. +2 armor against bashing and explosive attacks. Regenerates 1 point of health an hour. Takes half fall damage. Takes 1 more cold and fire damage.

   Mint – immune to ambient cold damage. +2 armor against cold damage. 2 more damage from Spicy Cinnamon.

   Hard candy – Sometimes referred as just hards. +1 armor.

                      A candians candy nature allows it to feed on any kind of sugary substance for sustenance. And because everything in sugaria is made of some kind of sweet, there is no starvation. There are some types of candy that are easier to eat then others. For example, it is easier to devour a chocolate bunny or minty grass (about a minute) than a hard candy wall or a chunk of Gobstopper beast (takes up to several hours). Candians most benefit by eating the same candy they are made of. For every fist size amount they regain 2 points of health.

                      If a candian, candy creature or a translated recursor is reduced to 0 heath he does not die. It is still alive, while in a crumbled state and will restore of health after an hour, after which it will heal naturally. To truly a candy, one must either devour a sizable portion of it or deal additional 10 points of damage (armor still applies). Some creatures heal faster, and can be up on their feet in several minutes.

Effects of the recursions laws 

                       Sugaria operates under the law of Substandard physics which means that technology from before the iron age does not work. However Sugaria has several additional unique effects.

                       First of all, fire or extreme heat does not exist in the recursion. This include guns, lasers and magic. Because of this feature, structures and creatures that could be easily melted by objects brought throe an inapposite gate are tougher and more formidable. The only substance that is similar to fire is Spicy Cinnamon, a type of candy that forms deep underground in. Its mere touch is enough to melt most types of candy. It is usually handled using a material called Wrappers. There are however several individuals that can create or even made up of Spicy Cinnamon. If a cypher that would produce flames is used in Sugaria it would produce liquid Spicy Cinnamon

                       Secondly, organic matter not made from sugar doesn‘t and can‘t exist in the recursion. If they were to be brought thru an inapposite gate, the would soon perish, turning into a sugary pyle. This also effects creatures native to the strange. A normal non-translated person from Earth can only survive in Sugaria for about 2 hours. Because of this candy does not spoil as bacteria, fungus or other microscopic life forms do not exist in the recursion. This makes the creatures in Sugaria immortal, at least from age. They can still die if they are devoured or cut apart in small enough pieces.

                       It has been noted that microscopic life forms not native to the organism (like the ones that cause diseases) die quicker than the ones naturally found in the body. It takes about 2 minutes to get rid of the common could, while pore potent sicknesses could take half an hour. Because of this feature, recursors frequently visit Sugaria to get rid of disease caused by life forms or technology. This does not however cure poisons, afflictions or other ailments if they are caused by natural means (like poison from a snake). Also because Candians can survive even if broken into sizable chunks, badly hurt recursors in an act of desperation translate into Sugaria to survive and eventually rebuild themselves.

                       Finally, while magic does not exist in Sugaria, there are various candy properties that could be considered magic by other recursions. It is possible that Sugaria will develop  magic in time. Or maybe the same forces that turn organic substances to sugar also keep magic from working. It is hard to say.

Types of special candy

  •   Living candy – the material that makes up all living creatures in Sugaria. While every creature can feed on non-living candy, predetors still prefer to feast on living candy
  •  Spicy Cinnamon – fires equivalent in Sugaria. Found in liquid, solid and living candy form.·        
  • Popping Rocks – pink candy found in large chunks. If exposed to soda it explodes in a spectacular and destructive manner. Found in crystal form.·       
  •   Peppermint, Mint – the ice equivalent in Sugaria. Found in solid and living candy form. Peppermint is considered colder, and a large amout causes the temperature to drop.
  • Sugar – pure sugar can be used to restore 5 points of health, but it is hard to come by naturally.
  •   Caramel – a material that can be freely manipulated. For this reason it is used as a building material.
  •  Sour sugar – acids equivalent in Sugaria. Found in liquid, solid and living candy form.
  •   Glowstoper – smaller versions of the sun of Sugaria. Used as a light source underground. Smaller ones run out in a couple of hours. Bigger ones glow indefinitely. The small ones can be recharged by leaving them under the sun.


Points of interest

 Peppermint mountains

                       The Peppermint mountains ranges across the far end of Sugaria. It here that the Soda rivers begin that flow into the Soda Sea. The mountains, as the name implies, are made of entirely of peppermint which causes the cold and frigid weather. A creature not made of mint or peppermint without the proper equipment takes 1 point of damage for every hour spend in the mountains. Even with protection it is dangerous place where a single misstep will lead to a fall that not even a candian could survive. Not to mention the various creatures that hunger for living candy. The most feared are the Minty yetis and  Peppermint dragons.                 

                       Despite the dangers, candians continue to come to the mountain. There are two reasons for this. The first ones is that the mountain peaks are covered in powdered sugar. Sugar is the base form of any sweet, but it is hard to come by. The powdered sugar has special properties. A handful can be used to restore a dead candian back to life, if enough of his candy mater was preserved. The second reason is the large deposit of Popping rocks under the mountain. The Peppermint that makes up the mountains are also mined to be used as weapons.



                       Fresh is a mining town next to the Peppermint mountains. The population is mainly composed of mint candians because of  their natural immunity to the environment. There are however several chocolate and hard candy candians. The chocolate ones mainly stay in town and work on the mined Popping Rock. The hard candians make up the guards force. They wear armor made of Wrapper with several bits of Spicy Cinnamon to keep them warm. The mined Popping rock and Peppermint transported by boat in the Soda river. This is a dangerous journey, because of the cargo could explode if explode if exposed to the river.

                       Tioner – a mint that is in charge of the miners. Level 3. Level 5 with everything about mining.

                       Arder – a hard candy in charge of the guards. Caries a Spicy Cinnamon sword to fight of the mint monsters that frequently terrorize the town. Level 4. Level 6 in all combat tasks.


The Soda sea

                       Lying in the middle of Sugaria, all rivers in the recursion either flow in or out of the Soda Sea. The “water” can be used for sustenance for candians, just as any other candy. The ocean is populated by gummy fishes and other creatures, that are caught by fishermen.



                       Located by the Soda sea Caramelot is made entirely of caramel because the substance was abundant in the area. Because all rivers connect to the sea the city has become the center trade. The population mostly consists of chocolate candians, that are either merchants or craftsmen.  


The cotton candy plains

                       The plains stretches between the Hard candy dessert and the Soda sea. As the name implies the land is covered in various colors in cotton candy. Several small villages and towns can be found here, who mainly dell in hunting, foresting and agriculture. Large forest of Liquorices grow in the region. Creatures of various types of candy can be found here –  gummy grizzlies, chocolate rabbits, sour crows and so on.

                       The most south after is the Chocolate Surprise creatures. The insides of these creatures has a connection to the Strange. They come in various forms and sizes, the only trait in common being a white seam that goes symmetrically thru their bodies. When the creature is slain it splits in two revealing the surprise inside of them. It is usually several cyphers, sometimes an artifact of the Strange can be found. However hunting these creatures is dangerous, because of their connection to the dark matter network, a creature native to the strange can appear. Once even a fractal worm popped out. However this does not detract recursors, for it is said that every one thousandth of these creatures houses a reality seed.


Hard candy dessert

                       The region is made of hard candy which prevents candy plant life to take root. Many mining towns are located in this area, as there various ores found deep underground. The most sought out is Spicy Cinnamon, as it is useful shaping other types of candy. The area is mostly populated by hard candy creatures, as it is the only substance abundant here. The most feared creatures are Gob Monster – round four legged beings with a huge mouth. They are problematic do deal with because of the many layers that provide huge amounts of armor. The upside is the layers are brittle. Every strike removes one point of armor from the creature, but he can quickly restore it by devouring stones of hard candy.



                       A town surrounded by several small mining villages. It is here that the mined ores are brought and processed by the master smiths. It is the only place where Wrapper is manufactured, but the material needed does not com from the dessert. It comes from the bubblegum wastes.


The bubblegum wastes

                       The bubblegum wastes is a grey barren land of sugarless gum. This was not always the case however. Not long ago the area was fertile and full of gummy life. Everything changed when the hard candies started to seed gummy in the area. At first the bubblegums saw no problem, as the liked gummy candy as it is easy to eat.

 What they didn‘t know, was that the was removing the sugar from their land. This is because, when bubblegum is devoured by non gum creature, it doesn‘t integrate the candy just extracts the sugar within, leaving a grey sugarless mass called Greygun. This is what the hard candies wanted, because they learned that when you expose Greygum to Spicy Cinnamon it changes to Wrapper. Wrapper is a substance that is used to negate the effects of candy. It is most useful to work with Spicy Cinnamon.

 By the time the bubblegums caught on, most of their land became Greygum. However things didn‘t go according to plan to the hard candies. Some patches of Greygum gained a form of sentience and turned into Greygum Blobs that now roam the wastes searching for any kind of sweet.

 Now the bubblegums are on an never-ending quest to find raw sugar – the only substance that can restore their land. The fastest way they found to acquire it is thru hunting creatures from other recursions in the hunting grounds.


Hunting grounds

                       The Hunting ground is  a 10 square mile area covered in large ring formations (to some recursors from Earth they look similar to Life Savers. These formations are gates to other recursions. Some are normal while others are inapposite. The bubblegum people use these gates to hunt and lure creatures into Sugaria, where they turn to sugar by the recursions law. The sugar is used to revitalize the barren land.

                       Hunting in other recursions is a difficult and often dangerous task. Candians traveling thru an inapposite gate can only survive for about an hour in  other recursions. Some candians go thru normal gates so that they could stay for longer, however the trip back is a problem. The captured and slain creatures must be brought thru an innopposite gate, which is usually a long distance away from where the candians entered.


The village of Chew

                       The village of Chew is located next to the Hunting grounds. The patch of land where it stands is full of life, unlike the surrounding area. This is because the bubblegums used the sugar from what they hunted down in other recursions to restore the landscape and built the village. The village houses 100 gums, but rarely are they all here at once. Usually one hunting party is in another recursion, and as soon as they return, another sets out. What is most interesting about the inhabitants of this village, is not only all of them have a spark, but that more than half are quickened. This skill however does not help much, as they can’t bring back their catch. 

                       Gerb – Level 6. The leader of the long hunting expedition to other recursions. Prefers to travel to Ardhein where his party hunts down dragons and other large beast. Level 5.

                       Fresky – Level 4. Level 5 when negotiating with recursors. The villages chieftain. He is willing to trade to other recursors, with what they have in their vault, provided the help with restoring their land (which usually means going to hunting expeditions).

                       BumGum – a gum in charge of the vault where the gums store various items from other recursions that did not convert to candy. Weapons, armor, tools, materials and even some artifacts. The vault itself was brought from another recursion and is made entirely out of metall.



                       Most item are made from some kind of candy, but it is possible to find something native to another recusion, that has not been converted by Sugarias laws. The currency used in Sugaria are somewhat round objetcs called Nuts. They can sometimes be found in chocolate creatures


Asset                                                        Price                                 Notes

Hard candy Shield                                  30                    Asset for Speed defense tasks


Light (1 point of Armor)                      Price

Chocolate jerkin                                      20

Gummi beast hide                                   30

Wrapper vest *                                        200


Medium (2 points of Armor)                Price

Chainmail                                                60

Licorice weaved vest*                             300


Heavy (3 points of Armor)                    Price

Hard candy plate armor                           150

Gob beast plate armor*                            1000


Light (2 points of damage)                    Price                                  Notes

Lollipop Club                                            5

Black chocolate dagger                           10

Plastic Sabre                                            20

Gummi Shortbow                                    80                                 Long range

                      12 arrows                           10

Licorice Whip                                          20


Medium (4 points of damage)               Price                                  Notes

Hard candy Battleaxe                              30

Bubblegum bow                                      40                                Long range

                      12 arrows                           10

Gum crossbow                                         50                                Long range

                      12medium bolts                 10

Caramel Hammer                                     20

Lollipop Mace                                         20

Candy cane Quarterstaff                         12                     Often used two-handed

Candy cane Spear                                    20               Can be thrown up to long range


Heavy (6 points of damage)                  Price                                      Notes

Hard plastic greataxe                               50

Heavy Gum crossbow                             70                      Long range, action to reload

                      12 heavy bolts                    35

Lollipop Maul                                          40


 Artifacts of Sugaria



Level: 1d6 + 2

Form: A red blade without a crossdguard.

Its handle and scabbard is made of Wrapper.

Effect: The Spicy Cinnamon sword cuts

through any candy of a level lower than its

own. It is a heavy weapon that deals heat damage half

of its level and also ignores the same amount of armor.

However the candian using it also suffers

1 point of ambient heat damage each round as long as

it is removed from its scabbard. Once depleted the sword

 “burns out” and loses all of its properties, but

can still be used as a heavy weapon. The artifact

can be restored if it is exposed to a large quantity

of Spicy Cinnamon.

Depletion: 1 in 1d100




Level: 1d6 + 1

Form: A white 1,5 meter spear with some

red spots. The place where you should hold it

are covered in Wrapper

Effect: This spear counts as a medium weapon, that

deals an extra cold damage equal to its level. The artifact

can be used to freeze soda and other creature. To freeze

a creature you have to deal an appropriate amount of

damage depending on what type of candy it is. Gummy,

bubblegum – 5 damage, Chocolate – 10 damage, Hard

 candy – 15 damage. Minty creatures are immune to the

effect. The creature remains frozen for 1 round, unless

the spear remains connected to it. Once depleted the spear

 “burns out” and loses all of its properties, but

can still be used as a medium weapon. The artifact

can be restored if it is exposed to a large quantity

of  Peppermint.

Depletion: 1 in 1d100




Level: 1d6

Form: A small brown crystal that fits in the palm of your hand.

Effect: Any type of non-living candy exposed to this crystal

is turned to raw sugar. One handful is created for each artifact level.

Once depleted the crystal can be eaten to restore all of your pools.

Depletion: 1 in 1d10