The Authority

The Authority Attributes

Level: 4
Laws: Mad Science
Playable Races: Human
Foci: Entertains| Is Licensed to Carry| Infiltrates| Leads| Looks For Trouble| Operates Undercover| Solves Mysteries| Works the System
Connection to the Strange: The Authority is not directly connected to The Strange.
Connection to Earth: Various Gates.
Age and Size: Old Recursion
Spark: 5%
Trait: Stealthy

What A Recursor Knows About The Authority

World War Two is at a standstill.  Tesla technology is saving America from invasion by creating a force field over a large part of the East Coast.  The Atlantic Authority, Authority for short, is the new government.  

Beamed energy is used to power mecha, power armor, military craft, and energy weapons.  Martial law is imposed and the government is oppressive and paranoid.  President Roosevelt is in command.  He is paranoid.  The Founding Fathers are a resistance fighting the government for freedom.  German spies are thought to be everywhere.  Germany has created anti-gravity craft and genetically-modified super soldiers.  

A plague wiped out half of America, splitting America into the Pacific and Atlantic Authorities.  The Guardians are the police force and they are often brutal.

The Atlantic Authority is a stretch of America that is covered with a Tesla missile defense shield and spotted with the famous death rays and power transmitters.  It’s timeline matches an alternate World War Two setting where Nicola Tesla’s shield technology is used to protect America from German invasion and German anti-gravity technology and genetic manipulation of soldiers prevents America from invading them.  It is a stalemate that is being fought through spies and intrigue instead of clashing mechanized armies.

New York City is the base of operations for an American government under martial law.  Germany infected half of America with a plague before the Tesla Shields became operational.  The shields somehow keep the plague at bay, but it was too late to save the country.  One third of America perished from the German plague before the Pacific and Atlantic Authorities were created.  The center of America is now a barren, lawless wasteland where gangs of hungry anarchists roam.

Military technology has progressed far beyond predictions due to the lack of internal combustion engines; the power is instead provided by beamed energy from Nicola Tesla’s gigantic coils that litter the trip-state area. Hover cars, airships, and power armor comprise the American arsenal.  Energy rifles that don’t run out of ammunition are the primary weapon of Authority troops.

The Authority is governed by President Franklin Roosevelt, kept alive by a medical exoskeleton on Governor’s Island.  Being in a state of martial law, a paramilitary force known as the Guardians patrol the streets and police the waterways.  

The fantastic technology is surpassed only by the paranoia and intrigue; spies are everywhere in The Authority.  Roosevelt’s grip on sanity is slipping.  The Tesla Shield that protects what is left of America is also slowly driving it’s citizens insane.  

A new movement has risen from the shadows.  The “Founding Fathers”, or Founders for short,  are a resistance movement that is fighting against the oppressive rule of Roosevelt and the Authority.  Dressed in masks of figures from the American Revolution, they are trying to disrupt the iron- rule of the Roosevelt regime.