Hears the Music of the Night (Vampire)

Hears the Music of the Night (Vampire)

Draggable: Yes
Recursions: Atom Nocturne| Crow Hollow| Earth| Gloaming| rep
Recommended Laws: Standard Physics| Magic
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: You have no memory of your past. Your memory begins on the night you awoke, alone, in your new state. You do not know who turned you and you have been on your own struggling to come to grips with your new form ever since. That is, until the group, or a member from the group, found you, took you in, and offered to help you.
2: You are searching for the Vampire Bible, a horrific parody and mockery of the Judeo-Christian bible. Said to be written with blood on human skin in a archaic language long lost to the ages. The legend says the Vampire Bible was written down by the first ever vampire, the progenitor, Cain. It's probably just a legend. But you have to find out. You are desperate for answers. And you believe one of your group members might have the key to locating it.
3: You hate who and what you are. You are desperate for redemption from your animalistic past as a creature of the night. You desire to redeem yourself by saving lives now, rather than taking them.
4: One of the PCs said she would put you out of your misery if you ever “totally vamped out,” and you appreciate that failsafe. (Alternate Origins, 11)
Equipment: The vampire may be equipped with light or medium armor. Heavy armor restricts the vampire's movement and is therefore undesirable. The vampire may appear with a melee weapon, as pertains to the PC type, but avoids silver weapons.
Minor Effect Suggestion: The vampire's bite delivers an extra 2 damage and recovers an extra 1 might.
Major Effect Suggestion: The vampire's bite delivers an extra 4 damage and recovers an extra 2 might.

Hears the Music of the Night (Vampire):  The PC translates as a human undead creature existing within the range of common stereotypes of vampires.  They will have a corporeal body that does not exhibit any decomposition, and will be strangely alluring and charismatic.  As the vampire drinks blood s/he becomes more alive, more virile even, and looks less undead.  Each day the vampire goes without feeding, the vampire begins to loose health at a rate of 1 per day.  As the vampire loses health, they begin to look paler, more dead, and they begin to smell of rot and decomposition.  This occurs subtly at first and then stronger over time and can have a negative impact on any type of social roll the PC makes.  The vampire has an aversion to silver and sunlight.  Damage inflicted by a silver weapon does double damage to the vampire.  If the vampire is in direct sunlight with no protective covering such as clothing or the shadow of a building, the difficulty of all tasks increases by one step and the vampire will descend one step on the damage track and lose 5 points of damage per round.  Feed Ability: The vampire may feed on any living creature to regain health.  The creature must either be willing or subdued.  Feeding in this way transfers one health from the creature to the vampire per round until the vampire stops feeding or until the creature is dead.  Similarly, the vampire may feed his blood to a living creature transferring 1 health from the vampire to the living creature per round until the vampire stops or is completely drained and unconscious.  

Tier 1: Feral Assault (1 might point): The PC can attack furiously with their claws and teeth and deal damage equal to that of a medium weapon.  This is a Speed attack. The PC regains health equal to half the amount of damage they inflict on a foe (after armor is accounted for; round down for the total).  This attack, like the vampire’s feed ability, will return health to the PC only when it is used on living creatures.

• Tier 2: Dark Beckoning (2 – 4 Intellect points): A successful Intellect attack will influence the target to be on good terms with the PC, and it will thus cease any attacks against the vampire. As a Minor Effect, the target will defend the PC from attackers for a round; as a Major Effect, the target will become completely dominated and obey the suggestion of the PC for a round. PC can apply effort to attack roll. PC can spend 3 intellect points to automatically trigger the minor effect.  Can spend 4 intellect points to automatically trigger the major effect. Subsequent attempts to sway the target require another successful Intellect attack at one Asset.

• Tier 3: The Children of the Night (3 Intellect Point): You can summon creatures large and small that persist in darkness or shadow (nocturnal animals such as wolves, bats, rats, etc.) to serve as your emissaries and servants.  This ability functions only in an area known to be inhabited by such creatures.  The animals can be dispatched on complex tasks that do not involve violence, and they will flee normally if attacked.  Otherwise, they will do their best to avoid detection while completing their charge.  For example, you could instruct a brood of rats to chew through the ropes on a winch or to form a perfect circle around a person.  Action.

• Tier 4: Swarm of Shadows (4 Speed pints):  Your body becomes a swarm of bats and bat-like shadows that let you harry your enemies, then fade from sight.  This is a speed attack that claws and bites at your opponent draining their blood for 6 damage and siphoning 3 health to you.  The vampire’s standard movement becomes long.  The vampire may choose to use this ability as a means of travel rather than attack.  When used in this way the vampire may remain in bat-swarm form in order to travel by flight.

• Tier 5: Night Crawler (5 Might Points): You gain a climb speed equal to your move speed.  You can climb up a wall or across a ceiling or other similar surface.  However, if you end your turn on such a service, you fall.

• Tier 6: Misty Escape (6 Intellect Points): You assume a white, or sometimes slightly green, gaseous form.  While in this form, you are insubstantial and can not be harmed, but can also do no harm while in this form.  In this form you travel at a slow speed and may pass through areas that are not sealed air tight, such as under doors, or through ventilation shafts, or through keyholes.  You may reform into your corporeal self at will.