Layered (Only for hard candy candians)

Layered (Only for hard candy candians)

Draggable: No
Recursions: Custom Sugaria
Recommended Laws: Exotic, Substandard Phsyics
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: Pick one other PC. She can Restore her Might Pool by eating your discarded layers
2: Pick one other PC. He seems to be jealous of your special talent.
3: Pick one other PC. He can choose the pattern and color of your forming layers.
4: Pick one other PC. For some strange reason it takes 1 minute longer for you to form a layer when she in immediate distance from you.
Equipment: A Gob monsters tooth.
Minor Effect Suggestion: An NPC is fascinated with your colorful layer. The next positive interaction with him is reduced by one step.
Major Effect Suggestion: One of your layer unexpectedly shatters, dealing 2 damage to everyone in immediate distance that ignores armor.

You are different than other hard candy candians. It is possible that you are a descendent of some kind of Gob monster.  For some reason you can change the density of your skin, forming a hard but brittle layers.  These layers offers protection against foes and dangerous materials, but it every time you are damaged a single layer shatters. Candians like you are sought out by forge masters, because you can safely handle the more dangerous types of candy.

GM intrusion: Your layers haven’t formed correctly and shatter in a critical moment.

Tier 1: Candy layer. By expending 1 Might point (Edge does not apply) you turn the surface of the skin into a hard yet brittle layer of candy, which provides an additional 1 point of Armor. It takes 1 minute to form. You can have layers equal to tour  tier. This does not impede your movement. Every time you are struck with an attack that deals damage to your Might or Speed Pools, one layer of candy shatters and falls of. Every layer that has fallen of can be gathered and eaten to restore 1 point to your Might Poll. You can freely shed your layers.

Colored layer. You can choose the color and pattern of your layers, but only when the layer is forming.

Tier 2: Strengthened limb. Instead of creating a layers around your all body you can create it just on your limb. These layers are stronger and provides 2 points of armor each, but only for the covered limb. If used on your hands, it provides 1 point of damage for each layer, but after every attack one layer shatters. It takes 1 minute to form a single layer.

Tier 3: Eject layer (3 Might points). Your candy layer explodes in a spectacular fashion sending shards in all directions, dealing 2 points of damage to everyone in short distance for each point of armor that was removed. Or you can eject your layer as a powdery substance, that obstructs view in a medium distance, providing and asset it Speed defense and Stealth task. It last for 1 round for each layer destroyed. You however can only gather back half of the destroyed layers. Action.

Tier 4: Specialized layer. By expending 2 Might point (Edge does not apply), you turn the surface of the skin into a hard yet brittle layer of candy, which provides 5 points of Armor against a specific type of elemental (heat, acid, cold, electricity, radiation…). It takes 1 minute to form. This layer does not break from ambient damage, but it will only provide the defense if it is the outer layer (defense from several layers do not stack). If the it is covered, the defense will only be provided when the layers above it are destroyed. Can be used with the abillity Strengthened limb to provide +10 armor, against a specific element.

Tier 5: Plating. You can form a layers around an object or another living creature, granting it armor. You can also choose to make the armor to be rigged, impeding the targets movement. If do so the creature can’t move if the armor provided exceeds its level. The layers provide armor as normal. When using Strengthened limb it will only limit the movement of the limb.

Tier 6: Extra mass. You gain 6 points to your Might Pool.

Regenerative armor. You can instantly reabsorb your layers to restore health to any of your pools equal to the amount of health spent to form each absorbed layer.