Night Falls.

Night Falls. Attributes

Level: 4
Laws: Standard Physics, Magic
Playable Races: Human
Foci: Conducts Weird Science, Entertains, Is Licensed to Carry, Infiltrates, Leads, Looks For Trouble, Operates Undercover, Solves Mysteries, Wields Two Weapons At Once, Works the System, Fights With Light, Walks in Shadows
Connection to the Strange: Caldera Lake.
Connection to Earth: Various Gates.
Age and Size: Developed Recursion
Spark: 20%
Trait: Appealing, Brash, Clever, Fast, Graceful, Intelligent, Lucky, Sharp-Eyed, Skeptical, Stealthy, Strange, Strong, Tough

What A Recursor Knows About Night Falls.

Night is a very dangerous time indeed, better to remain indoors.

Created by a combination of fictional leakages, most notably: videogame series Alan Wake and The Twilight Zone.

Night Falls is, by day, known as Bright Springs, an idyllic small town nestled into the foothills of the Puget Sound in Washington State. But when Night Falls, the town changes as a Creeping Darkness steals over the area, changing anyone it comes into contact with. 

Those who’ve been claimed by the Darkness are called the Stolen, they are normal people by day, but at night become puppets to the Dark Entity which resides at the bottom of Caldera Lake.

Some, known as the Champions of Light, stand up to the Dark Entity, but are vastly outnumbered and grossly underpowered.

Depending on the time of year Night Falls takes many shapes, from season to season depending on the duration of the nighttime hours.

In Late Spring, Summer and Early fall it is simply a toned down version of the town, while in Late Fall, Winter and Early spring it is warped by the overpowering darkness. 

The layout of the town itself never changes, nor do the features of the surrounding island. The layout is akin to any small town, and the island is dominated by forest land, there is a small lumber mill about a mile from town and somewhere on the other side of the island is an old coal mine. Any roads which lead out of town seem to run into strangely dead ends. 

Outsiders are welcomed warmly if looked upon with slight suspicion.

Other locations:

Jagger Peak: Housed in a small park just to the north of town, Jagger Peak is believed to be the home of the spirit of a Champion known as Ted the Poet.

Caldera Lake: West of town five miles is Caldera Lake,  the source of all Darkness in this recursion.

Caldera Lake Lodge: Home of Mad Doctor Emily Hart.

Bright Springs Power Company: Champion of Light Stronghold.

Darkness & Stolen:

The Darkness cannot be harmed except with light, which puts flashlights, glowsticks, fireflies and any other sources of light at a premium. The Darkness is not everywhere however, and most commonly concentrates upon likely areas to find prey.

Most Darkness attackers will have only 2-6 points of health, except Stolen, who deplete first in Darkness, and the in physical health as their shells are destroyed.

The Darkness’ favourite methods of attack are:

Engulf (Level 4): 3 Int/2 Might Damage, Player finds themselves surrounded by Darkness in a swarm-like cloud, and cannot move, Level 4 Might check to break free. 

Ensnare (Level 6): 5 Might/ 4 Speed Damage, if the player steps into a Dark Puddle they will become trapped and then 1 round later Engulfed by it.

Lash (Level 5): 6 Damage (Assigned at will to Might or Speed), a Dark Tentacle springs from the Darkness to whip a player.

Tornado (Level 10): Just run….

Stolen: Base Creature stats and attacks, but gain Immunity to all damage until the Darkness protecting them is burned away, since Stolen are autonomous segregations of the Darkness they are hardier than most other Dark manifestations. Dark Shield gives stolen between 6-18 extra points health, but once that is gone they will only have half (rounded up) of the base creature’s health.

Common Stolen:

People, Predatory Animals, Crows (See Bestiary entry: , page 88). 

Possessed Objects are also a common problem, however they disappear once the Darkness possessing them has been burned away. Most Possessed Objects have between 2-20 health depending on their size.

Light Damage:

Flashlight: 1 per round.

Led Flashlight: 2 per round.

High Power Flashlight: 4 per round.

Lantern: 2 per round-20 foot Area of Effect.

Glowsticks: 1 per round, act more as a Warding tool.

Torches/Fire: 4 per round, but are easily extinguished by Wind Gusts created by the Darkness for just that purpose.

Flares: 6 per round, 15 foot Area of Effect that Stolen will hesitate to enter.

Flashbangs: Enough to destroy most Stolen, 15 damage, 15 foot Area of Effect.

Flaregun: 10 per round, 20 foot Area of Effect, if player hits a Stolen it will die.

Fireflies: No damage but are an excellent Ward if set in a circle around desired object of protection.

Phosphorous based glows: No effect.