Fights With Light.

Fights With Light.

Draggable: No
Recursions: Custom Night Falls
Recommended Laws: Standard Physics, Magic
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: You found yourself protecting a group of innocent people from a Dark attacker.
2: You watched someone die horribly and then regenerate immediately afterward, what's up with that?
3: You just kinda met these people, but hey, they're kinda fun....
4: On a scale of one to even, you just couldn't be bothered.
Equipment: Flashlight, Lantern, Glowsticks, $750 and a Light or Medium weapon of choice modified to strike with light.
Minor Effect Suggestion: Illuminated within a flash of brilliance your actions are given the speed of light (Take an extra action).
Major Effect Suggestion: The Light guides your hand, if attacking you deal triple damage, if doing something else you succeed with a bonus.

You are a Champion of Light, fighting to keep the forces of Darkness at bay.

Tier 1: Inner Light 1.

You can conjure light equal to a lantern from your inner reserves, gain a Light Stat, starting value 4.

Boost: Your Light attacks deal 2 extra damage.

Actions & Costs:

Light Strike: 1 Light per attack. Augment your attacks with light.

Light Ward: 2 Light per round. Create a barrier that protects from Dark Enemies, and acts as Armour 2 for all others.

Tier 2: Safe Haven (2 light per 6 rounds).

Create an impenetrable barrier of light that protects you and up to four other medium sized creatures, healing any wounds you may have received, 2 wound recovery per round.

Tier 3: Lightning Strike (2 Light per Additional action).

Take additional actions, 2 Light per action.

Tier 4: Light Within 2.

Light stat rises to 8.

Boost: Deal double damage.

Light Strike: 

Tier 5: Light Aura.

Gain 2 additional armour.

Tier 6: Light Fury.

Inner light stat rises to 12.