Harper City.

Harper City. Attributes

Level: 3
Laws: Standard Physics, Psionics
Playable Races: Human
Foci: Awakens Dangerous Psychic Talent, Conducts Weird Science, Entertains, Is Licensed to Carry, Infiltrates, Leads, Looks For Trouble, Operates Undercover, Spawns, Solves Mysteries, Wields Two Weapons At Once, Works Miracles, Works the System
Skills: Intuit
Connection to the Strange: A strange waterfall into a vortex located in the sewers. (The Mafia sometimes uses it to "Disappear" people).
Connection to Earth: Various Gates.
Age and Size: Juvenile Recursion
Spark: 0%
Trait: Appealing, Brash, Clever, Fast, Graceful, Intelligent, Lucky, Sharp-Eyed, Skeptical, Stealthy, Strange, Strong, Tough

What A Recursor Knows About Harper City.

General knowledge of the families and districts.

Harper City, while in many respects just a regular city, is run by a crooked government under a bizarre set of laws, rather than taxes businesses pay something more akin to extortion money. Instead of a mayor the city is run by a Crime Boss, elected by the five families to maintain some semblance of order and arbitrate minor turf struggles, ensuring that the balance of power is maintained, if any family oversteps the boundaries set forth by the Boss the penalties are stiff indeed. There is no police force in Harper City, to the residents it’s an alien concept.

The Layout of Harper City is remarkably close to that of San Francisco, although there are fewer hills. 

Districts & Families:

The Pearl: Governed by the Belliacci family, The Pearl District is basically an area extending from the wharf to an extensive area of warehouses and construction yards where nothing ever seems to actually get built. The Belliaccis are known for being the least ambitious of all the families, content to maintain neutrality in order to protect what’s their’s. 

The Rose: The Rose District is run by the Torlionis, the smallest and most pugnacious family. Denizens of the Rose District are “Taxed” heavily and are expected to submit to any whims of the family. The Rose District is located in a more rundown part of town on the upper east side, covering roughly thirty five blocks, drugs are the main source of profit for the District.

The Square: Controlled by the O’Shea family, the central square of town is perhaps the largest chunk of territory owned by any family. Covering approximately eighty blocks and perhaps the most friendly to it’s denizens The Square District is the most commonly held under siege from rival families.

Mercer Island: Controlled by (You guessed it) the Mercer Family. Prostitution and Gambling are the primary source of profits, also used as a neutral resort location for the other four families. The Mercers have made it their stock in trade to pander to the other families.

Chinatown: Controlled by the Shen family, who specialize in exotic trades, known as the Mercenary family for a good reason. Chinatown is its own little world contained within as several Triad families vie for control.

The Rail Yard: Actually extending for about sixteen blocks all around the Rail Yard itself, this area is highly contested by every family but as yet remains unclaimed by any. The Rail Yard itself is a veritable hotbed of activity, from Black Market deals to the permanent transient population in “Rail City” and the various shady dealings found therein.

Rail City: Technically a sub-district of the Rail Yard, Rail City was founded by a few transients who took shelter for the winter in an abandoned corner of the Rail Yard and soon grew into a thriving community. Since none of the Families were very concerned with a small homeless camp it was quite a shock when Hobo Jim crowned himself ruler of the city and declared sovereignty from the Families, at first they took it as a joke and now it’s become a force to be reckoned with. Within the camp itself a veritable hub of shady commerce can be found, the Weapons are often well sought after as they are frequently higher quality and cheaper than the ones found on the Black Market. If you can track her down Jupiter Jane may have some weapons which are somehow…beyond the quality of any other weapons to be found in Harper City, custom jobs cost extra though….

Latent Psychic Abilities: 

Those with Psychic abilities are the ones who hold higher regard within Harper City. Families employ them for a variety of uses based upon their psychic abilities. 

Regular tournaments are held wherein the families will send their champions to compete in light sparring matches, there are massive bets based upon the outcomes and a single match outcome can shift the balance of power between families quite severely, common bets include: Money, Turf and loan of the Champions themselves.