How To Use / F.A.Q.

The Recursion Codex offers you the ability to add new Recursions for use in your game or for others to find and use in their games. Adding a Recursion is as easy as logging in and filling out a form, but this guide will provide answers to some questions you may have.


Logging In/Registering With Your Monte Cook Games Account

In order to create new Recursions or Foci, you must be logged into the site. The Recursion Codex is linked to and uses your login credentials from that site. To log in, merely use the credentials you have created on the Monte Cook Games store. If you need to register a new account, you can do so on that page as well. Once a new account is registered, it will migrate over to the Recursion Codex. Please be patient. This process may take a few minutes to occur.

Changing Your Password

Since the Recursion Codex is linked to, you will have to change your password on the Monte Cook Games store. in order to change it on the Recursion Codex. Any password changes on the main site will migrate over after a few minutes.

Creating New Recursions/Foci

Once you have logged into your Monte Cook Games account, you can create new Recursions and Foci using the Submit Recursions and Submit Foci pages. Merely enter all the relevant information for the Recursion or Foci and hit submit. You will be able to edit a recursion you have created after it is submitted. In the case of Custom options, a new box will be appear to enter the name or details of your law, foci, race, trait, or recursion. If a custom recursion or Foci is being referenced, there will be a space to provide a link to it. If there is not a space for a link to the custom recursion or foci (as is the case with custom laws) put information about the custom laws within the Description.

Which Came First, The Recursion Or The Foci?

  • Often times a custom recursion and foci will be linked together, so which do you create first?
  • You can create either one first and save it.
  • You can then go back and edit your recursions/foci to link them to each other.
  • For example, Jeanine creates a recursion that has a custom foci with it. She puts the name of the foci in the box but leaves the link blank. Once she is done with this, she creates the foci and puts the link to the recursion in the custom recursion link field. She then goes back under her Account/Login page and finds the recursion. She modifies the Custom Foci link field and updates it to point to the newly made foci.

Editing/Deleting Recursions & Foci

Recursions and Foci can be managed from your Account/Login page. You can find all content that you have created here and can edit or delete it using the edit/delete links. You can also edit content you have created by clicking on the Edit This Content link in each individual Recursion or Foci. These links are only available for content that you have created.

Finding Recursions & Foci

Recursions and Foci are grouped together by their relevant factors such as age and size, level, laws, and by tags associated with them. You can also use the Advanced Recursion Search page to filter and find Recursions that match your parameters exactly.

Reporting Issues/Fictional Leakage

Per the Terms of Use, there is some content that is not acceptable for content on the Recursion Codex. If you find content that infringes or is unacceptable, please use the Report Issues form to alert us to this content.