Summons Genies

Summons Genies

Draggable: No
Recursions: Custom City in a Bottle
Recommended Laws: Magic
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: Pick one of the other PCs. They gave you the ring that allowed you to summon your first genie.
2: Pick on other PC. They've got an item in their possession you're sure holds a bound Djinn - do they know?
3: Pick one other PC. Whenever you summon a Djinn it flirts outrageously with that PC and always tries to include them in the cost of any negotiation.
4: Pick one other PC. You're certain they're jealous of your powers and will try to undermine any negotiation you make.
Equipment: Clothing appropriate to your station, dagger, jeweled ring, pouch of coins and other gems for bargaining with the Djinn.
Minor Effect Suggestion: Ah, but did you also know... When your Gen returns from a knowledge-gathering task it brings back a minor piece of information that will aid you on your current adventure.
Major Effect Suggestion: In the twinkling of an eye. Your Gen returns almost instantly, and with far greater success than you would have thought possible.

I am but your humble servant and it pains me to say that I do not know the answer to your question.  But I know someone who does…

You know the right words of power to call one of the Djinn to your service and bind them to be truthful and obey your commands.  Your power may be tied to a physical object containing a single Djinn – a ring, a lamp, perhaps – or the item may just be a focus for your will.

Tier Abilities

Tier 1 – Companion

The summoner has a Gen, an elemental friend.  Pick an element (earth, air, fire, water) and you get some level 1 abilities for how to deal with that element and things the Gen can do.  As you increase in Tier in this Focus, so your Gen increases as well. Enabler.

1, don’t let your Gen be injured or killed.  At least not until you’re much older and more experienced in negotiating with the courts of the Djinn.
2, they’re genies, not miracle-workers.  While they can fetch Cyphers for you, retrieve lore thought long-forgotten, persuade the Djinni of their court to work wonders on your behalf, it all takes time and patience.
3, look after your Gen and it will look after you – nothing better to have at your side when you’ve been thrown overboard than a Maridan, a Efreetling to guide you safely over that lava field…


Your Gen acts as an intermediary between you and the Genie courts.  If you send the gen to an opposed element, it suffers a 1-step increase in all difficulties in negotiations.

What can you achieve with a negotiation?  You’re dealing with free Genies, not those bound into service to a lamp, a ring, a bottle.  Those genies are bound to do whatever the holder of that item command, within the limits dictated by their Code (no , no directly affecting emotions, no wishing for more wishes).  The more successful the negotiation, the easier a time you’ll have providing the Genie with what it wants.  The cost of the services you’re requiring will depend entirely on the nature of the service and the nature of the Genie you’re negotiating with.  It may well be the seed of an entire adventure, fetching the one white goat from a particular nomad’s herd so the Genie will co-operate and build the palace you need in order to convince the Sultan’s daughter you’re actually a prince…

Lore.  You are trained in all aspects of Genie lore of the court your Gen is from. Enabler

This might be useful.

While travelling to or from it’s home Court, the Gen stumbles across a Cypher equal to or lower than it’s level and returns with it. Enabler

Tier 2 – The First Wish

Improved Gen (level 2).  Enabler

I wish to know…

State your question and the Gen will go in search of an answer.  You may spend Intellect points on it’s behalf to influence who and what it knows in the courts and Speed points to determine how quickly it gets – and returns with – the information you’re looking for.  Enabler.

GM Intrusion
The Gen returns with the information you’re needing, but it’s almost entirely, dangerously, wrong.

Tier 3 – You and who’s army

Improved Gen (level 3). Enabler

Protect and Serve.  Your Gen may summon a number of elemental creatures appropriate to it’s type, their level dependent on the number of creatures.  1 equal to your level, 2 equal to your level -1, etc. 

Tier 4 – The Second Wish

Improved Gen (level 4).  Enabler

Riches? A Palace? A Retinue?  Challenge me!

By Tier 4 you have a solid reputation within the Genie courts, or at least within your Gen’s court, as one who does not go back on their word.  Genies talk, you see, and share information one to another.  If you renege on a deal, they will know and you will suffer accordingly.  Negotiated prices for services now start to decrease and you begin to get access to the more skilled craftsmen, tacticians, wine makers…  Enabler

Lore.  You are now considered Specialized in Genie-related lore.  Enabler

Tier 5 – The Third Wish

Improved Gen (level 5). Enabler

I bind you to my service.  Not something to be taken lightly, you negotiate an agreement with a Genie.  It will be bound to an item for an agreed number of years or until agreed conditions are met.  It will serve whoever is in possession of the item.  You can only bind 1 Genie in this way at a time.

Tier 6 – Phenomenal Cosmic Power

Improved Gen (level 6). Enabler

An audience with…  You may request an audience with the ruler of your Gen’s court over a matter of some importance – to them or to you.  Travelling to the court, the shenanigans surrounding such a meeting, all should be part of a greater adventure.

Second binding.  You may work with two bound genies at any given time.  Enabler.