Robs Travelers

Robs Travelers

Draggable: No
Recursions: Custom Liberty and Death
Recommended Laws: Standard Physics
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: Pick one other PC. She saved your life by hiding from the King’s men.
2: Pick one other PC. The two of you are drinking buddies and you’ve asked him to go a roving with you on occasion. So far he has always turned you down.
3: Pick one other PC. You gave him the money he needed to have a doctor attend to a sick family member.
4: Pick one other PC. She knows you help the poor folks, but suspects you come by your money less than honestly.
Equipment: A good horse, traveling clothing, cloak, mask, a brace (two) of pistols, sword and 100 shillings.
Minor Effect Suggestion: Your clever repartee takes your opponent aback for one round, during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performs are modified by one step to its detriment.
Major Effect Suggestion: You hurl your cape or dash a drink in your enemy’s face causing him to lose his next action.

“Stand and deliver! Your money or your life!” How many times have these phrases passed your lips? Not nearly enough. The gentry continue to enclose the land, forcing peasants into the city to be preyed upon by merchants. Agents of the crown raise taxes and send their swaggering soldiers about to deprive good men of the few rights of liberty they have left. You are a knight of the road – highwayman to those with a less poetic frame of mind. Like a modern day Robin Hood, you steal from the rich and give to the poor, taking just enough for yourself to keep whisky in the jar.

Tier 1: Undaunted Robber. You are practiced with pistols, and trained in Stealth and Riding. Enabler.

     Know the Back Roads. You are familiar with all the roads, tracks and shortcuts in the county. Travel time takes you 20% less to get anywhere. Enabler.

Tier 2: Both Barrels (3 Speed points). If you have two ready pistols or a double-barreled pistol you may fire both barrels at your opponent. Make a single attack roll. If you hit, you inflict damage with both weapons plus 2 additional points of damage, and because you made a single attack, the target’s Armor is subtracted only once. Action.

Tier 3: Sense Ambush. You are never treated as surprised by an attack. Enabler.

     Quick Load. It takes you one less action to reload a firearm. Enabler.

Tier 4: Ambusher. If an opponent you attack has not acted on the first round of combat, the difficulty of your attack is modified one step to your benefit. Enabler.

     Stand and Deliver (2 Intellect points). Your threat of violence causes any mortal opponent to reconsider an attack against you. Make an Intellect roll. On a success, you gain an asset to your Speed defense. Enabler.

Tier 5: Fine Shot. You are trained in pistols.

Tier 6: Bold Deceiver. You are specialized in Stealth and Riding. Enabler.

     Dead Eye. You do 3 additional points of damage with your pistol. This damage will stack with Both Barrels, so discharging a brace of medium pistols will do 16 points of damage (7 for each pistol, plus 2 for the Both Barrels attack). Any additional effort spent for damage will add to this attack as normal since it is considered an action. Enabler.