Manipulates Magic Itself

Manipulates Magic Itself

Draggable: Yes
Recursions: Ardeyn
Recommended Laws: Magic
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: Pick one other PC. This character's magic is like an open book to you. When counterspelling them, your difficulty is one easier.
2: Pick one other PC. This character's magic is unusually harmonious with your own. When using support, the intellect pool cost is one lower.
3: (none)
4: (none)
Equipment: Fine clothing that shows off your physique, light or medium armor, one weapon of your choice, explorer's pack.
Minor Effect Suggestion: The target's connection to their magic is disrupted. Their next spell is one level more difficult.
Major Effect Suggestion: The target's connection to their magic is severed. They cannot use magic for ten minutes.

You are either a Mavin, Mafact, or Madia; similarly to other magic wielders, you have a connection to magic on a cellular level, but the element you manipulate is magic itself. You can disrupt, enhance, redirect, and transform the magical workings of other people.

 Tier 1: Counterspell (1 intellect point). You are able to disrupt magical workings. If you take a “wait” action (see page 113 of The Strange) specifically to watch for enemy spells to disrupt, you can attack the spell itself, disrupting its connection to the caster. On a successful attack roll against the caster, the spell is spoiled. They still must make whatever expenditure is required to cast the spell. This has no effect on spells which have already been completed.

Tier 2: Support. You can make your intellect pool available to a person you are touching when they spend intellect for working magic. The edge applied to the expenditure is the lowest of yours and your target’s. You can extend this effect to any ally within immediate range by spending an extra 2 intellect. The effect lasts for as long as you are touching, up to two minutes.

Tier 3: Dispel (3+ intellect points). You designate one target within short range. Make an attack roll against each spell currently active on the target. The difficulty of the check is equal to the tier of the caster. For an extra 4 points, all spells within immediate range of the target can also be attacked.

Tier 4: Anchor (4 intellect points). You can link a magical working, as it is being cast, to ambient sources of magic so that it will remain in place until dispelled. The difficulty of the check is equal to the tier of the spell being supported, plus three. The difficulty is one higher per spell already anchored within immediate range.

Tier 5: Grand Invocation (5+ intellect points). You can weave together the work of multiple mages into a single spell, seamlessly integrating them into one grand working. Different mages can contribute different parts, so for example water mages might divert the flow of a stream while earth mages evoked a dam and life mages wove tree roots through it for stability.

Tier 6: Shrive (6 intellect points). You can sever or restore a Thunian’s ability to work magic. This hour-long spell requires a helpless or willing target, and lasts for a hundred and one days.