Evokes Elemental Forces

Evokes Elemental Forces

Draggable: No
Recursions: Ardeyn
Recommended Laws: Magic
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: Pick one other PC. When you cast a spell they gain +1 armor against that element for one round.
2: (none)
3: (none)
4: (none)
Equipment: Fine, tight-fitting clothing, light or medium armor, one weapon of your choice, emblem of your noble house, explorer's pack.
Minor Effect Suggestion: Earth: The ground around the target becomes churned-up and unstable, making movement more difficult. Air: The target is dazed for one round, and the difficulty of all tasks it performs are modified by one step to its detriment. Fire: The target, or something near it, catches fire. Water: The target's clothes and hair are soaked with water. All attempts to work magic are one level more difficult until they get rid of the water.
Major Effect Suggestion: Earth: The target is knocked to the ground. Air: An important object is ripped from the target's hand. Fire: An important item on the target is destroyed. Water: The target's lungs fill with water. It spends one round coughing it up, and can take no other action.

Every cell of your body is tuned to interact with one of the primal forces of magic. Casting a spell is less a matter of formula and ritual, and more of reaching inside yourself and focusing your will. When you take this focus, pick one of the following elements to represent the dominant mode where it operates: Earth, Air, Fire, or Water

Tier 1: Elemental Touch (1 intellect point) You channel your magic into your hands, turning them into deadly weapons.

  • Earth: Your fists are covered by a layer of hard, jagged stone that does 3 points of damage.

  • Air: Your hands crackle with lightning. Your touch does 2 points of electrical damage. Targets wearing metal armor take a minimum of 1 point of damage.

  • Fire: Your hands burst into flame. Your touch does 3 points of damage from heat.

  • Water: Your touch drives water away, causing flesh to become dessicated. When used against creatures of flesh and blood, this causes 2 points of might damage that ignores armor.

Class Privilege: Any Thunian who knows you wield magic will treat you with a certain minimum of respect. Social consequences that befall you will not be as severe as they could be; praise that comes your way will be amplified. However, in order to benefit from this effect, you must not be seen to be actively undermining the social order. All actions using the Community skill are one difficulty level easier. If you are a Mavin, you receive a further +2 on the roll.

Tier 2: Elemental Construct (2 Intellect Points). You can shape your element into a semi-permanent, visible form. This object is no larger than what can be held comfortably in one hand. For 2 additional intellect points the object can be the size of a small child; for 4 additional points, the size of a man; for 6 points, the size of a small cart. This skill is used as the basis for duelling (see below). At its base level, the evocation produces a simple shape, such as a sphere or prism. Each level of effort applied to the evocation makes the shape more intricate; this effort can be applied over time, but each action requires an intellect check to maintain focus with a difficulty equal to the total number of levels of effort that have been applied to the evocation. Failure means that the evocation dissolves away.

This tier is also used to participate in crafting rituals, such as those that produce spun glass or black glass. It also can be

  • Earth: You can produce soil, rock, or crystal.

    • Combat usage: With one level of effort, you can create a crystalline weapon that does 4 points of damage. With three levels of effort, you can create a two-handed weapon that does 6 points of damage.

  • Air: The evocation produces a whirlwind that picks up dust and light debris in the area.

    • Combat usage: With one level of effort, you can create a sheath of turbulent air that applies two levels of difficulty to attempts to strike you with missile weapons.

  • Fire: The evocation produces flames of whatever color the wielder desires.

    • Combat usage: On the round following the evocation, you can throw a construct for 4 fire damage at immediate range. A construct with one level of effort is more aerodynamic and can be thrown at short range.

  • Water: The evocation produces a ball of water, snow, or ice.

    • Combat usage: On the round following the evocation, you can throw a construct for 2 impact damage at short range. At one level of effort, you can fashion a shield of ice that adds 1 level of difficulty to attempts to hit you, or a large spear you can wield in one hand or throw for 4 impact damage at short range.

Tier 3: Elemental Transport (2 Intellect Points).

You can call upon your element to assist you in getting from one place to another.

  • Earth: The ground smooths and hardens for your passage. For one ten-hour travel session, you can walk, ride, or drive a carriage as if you were traveling on a smooth highway.

  • Air: Winds bear you aloft. If you wear a wind-cloak (see Equipment) you can fly. You must concentrate to maintain the effect, so you cannot fight, and taking any damage requires an intellect check with a difficulty equal to the amount of damage taken or you will fall. During the hour in which the power functions, you can travel about ten miles.

  • Fire: You can pilot a daredevil flyer (see equipment). You must concentrate to maintain the effect, so you cannot fight, and taking any damage requires an intellect check with a difficulty equal to the amount of damage taken or the flyer’s engine will fail. During the ten minutes that the power functions, you can travel about five miles.

  • Water: Water carries you or the craft you are in along the surface of the water. For one ten-hour travel session, you can swim or ride a small boat at ten miles per hour.

Tier 4: Elemental Embodiment (3 intellect points)

You have learned how to infuse your body with elemental energies on a cellular level. Each effect lasts for one hour.

  • Earth: Your body becomes highly resilient. +1 armor and are trained in might defense tasks.

  • Air: You do not need to breathe, and are immune to the effects of smoke, gas weapons. In addition, you do not tire easily, and gain +1 might edge.

  • Fire: Your reflexes become much faster. You are trained in speed defense tasks, and gain +1 edge in speed.

  • Water: Your blood flows more efficiently, and wounds from edged weapons do not bleed. You take 1 point less damage from slashing weapons, are immune to effects related to blood loss, and gain +1 might edge.

Tier 5: Elemental Blast (5+ intellect points)

You choose a spot within short range to summon a magically charged column of your element. All within immediate range of that spot take 4 points of damage. If you apply effort to increase damage, each level adds 2 points of damage instead of 3. Targets in the area take 1 point of damage even if you fail the attack roll.

  • Earth: The column of crystal shatters, flinging sharp edged shrapnel in all directions.

  • Air: The violent twist of wind expands outwards suddenly. Targets take half damage but are knocked from their feet.

  • Fire: The blast is a wave of heat and flame.

  • Water: The column of ice shatters, coating targets with a sheen of ice. Targets take half damage but are unable to act for one round.

Tier 6: Elemental Servant (6 intellect points)

You summon an elemental that is your general shape and size. It acts as you direct each round. Directing the elemental servant is an action, and you can command it only when you are within long range of it. Wintout a command, the servant continues to follow your previous command. You can also give it a programmed action, such as “Wait here and attack anyone who comes within short range until they’re dead.” The servant lasts for ten minutes, is a level five creature.

  • Earth: The servant is tough, and has 2 armor.

  • Air: The servant is immune to weapons but cannot attack physically. If it engulfs a creature, its buffeting winds make the creature’s actions 2 levels more difficult.

  • Fire: The servant does 1 extra damage from fire.

  • Water: The servant takes 1 less damage from physical attacks. It can forego this benefit by turning into solid ice, in which case its attacks do 1 extra damage from cold.