Yigdraxalandrevna the All-Mother

Yigdraxalandrevna the All-Mother Attributes

Level: 8
Laws: Exotic, Mad Science
Playable Races: Human, Mutant, Podchild - A spawn of the All-Mother's many egg sacks, these creatures are composed of all sinew and soft tissue within a hardened exoskeleton of metallic bone.
Foci: Awakens Dangerous Psychic Talent, Metamorphosizes, Regenerates Tissue, Spawns, Wields Two Weapons At Once
Skills: Astroanatomy
Connection to the Strange: The only connection to the Strange from within the All-Mother's body is an orifice resembling a gigantic heart valve. It is unknown what causes the opening to expand and contract specifically.
Connection to Earth: Only a few gates to earth exist, most of them are hidden and well-guarded by the All-Mother's white blood cells.
Age and Size: Ascendant Recursion
Spark: 20%
Trait: Brash, Strange

What A Recursor Knows About Yigdraxalandrevna the All-Mother

-The All-Mother is an ancient being that is tended by special cells the size of small children.

-Although her true age is unknown the Podlings believe that all things were created by the All-Mother.

-The recursion exists within the body of the All-Mother.

Yigdraxalandrevna the All-Mother is a recursion within the body of a dead goddess of unknown origin. Her body washed up on the shoals of earth at an indeterminite time. Although she is inert, you can never truly destroy a god. Her body lives on and inside of it flourishes a culture of creatures composed of her internal antibodies and microbes. They reside in the city of Yig-Revna which is a bone-and-tissue effigy to her mighty presence.


The primary inhabitants of the All-Mother are the Podchildren, who exist solely to maintain her internal organs, reviving dead tissue and replacing what cannot be healed. They are short creatures with an biometallic skin. They resemble human children and can be of several colors depending on their function.


Red – Blood Cell

White – Antibodies

Blue – Tissue Repair

Yellow – Infectors (Hostile)

Black – Necrotic (Hostile)


Several satellite outposts exist in key locations to protect and heal the All-Mother’s vital organs. The Reproduction Fields are the home of the Podchildren, there new Podlings are born and old Podlings go to die. The Caverns of Life serve as the hearts of the All-Mother. The Wailing Hive is her lungs while the Feeding Grounds serve as her stomach and the Void exists as a place to sent refuse, this area contains a direct connection to The Strange.


Little is know about the true origin of the All-Mother but there is speculation that is an ancient cousin to Planetovores. Evidence exists that may link her lifetime to the beginnings of the strange but nothing substantial has been determined at this time. The Podchildren are friendly enough but they do not take kindly to outsiders roaming around their mother’s body unchecked.