The Trenches

The Trenches Attributes

Level: 3
Laws: Standard Physics
Playable Races: Human
Foci: Is Licensed to Carry, Leads, Wields Two Weapons At Once, Works Miracles
Connection to the Strange: None
Connection to Earth: Various Gates.
Age and Size: Developed Recursion
Spark: 0%
Trait: Stealthy

What A Recursor Knows About The Trenches

  • The recursion is inspired by the horror of trench warfare.
  • The inhabitants are gone or maybe they killed each other off.
  • The weather is always bad and carries dangers of its own.

The Trenches is basically a long narrow muddy battlefield stretching on for miles. The battlefield consists of a no man’s land with a labyrinth of trenches dug in the mud.on either side. Two seemingly identical armies looks to have fought each other over this land for years but have now dissappeared.
The trenches are dotted with machine gun nests, mortar positions, radio positions, shelters and small dugouts reserved mainly for the senior officers. All weapons are functional and everything looks like it was abandoned just the day before. 
No man’s land is riddled with barbed wire, grenade holes and mine fields making traversing the mud very slow and dangerous.
At the middle and in very back of each trench lies each armys head quarters. Each is a large building filled with maps, simple radio rooms, sick bays, crude surgical theaters and quarters for generals and similar higher ups.
Large fields of beautiful pristine red poppies line the far outskirts of the recursion and provide the only vivid color in the recursion.. Singular poppies may appear in the middle of no man’s land and it is said that if these can be found and harvested they have almost miraculous abilities.
Weather is constantly poor and cold keeping the mud wet and clammy. You can never clearly see the Sun as it is always obscured by rain or thick cold wet fog. Sometimes the fog brings with it green toxic gas rolling in slowly, injuring or killing anyone caught without gas masks.
Some of the trenches are haunted by the ghosts of the dead, roaming around with some unknown purpose but worst of all visitors may accidentally disturb the peace causing the dead to rise from the mud, to come out of no mans land and from secret passages in the HQ and smaller dugouts. The dead will relentlessly pursue anyone disturbing their final resting place.
Christmas Eve is the only time where the weather clears up revealing a clear beautiful starry night sky. Voices singing Christmas carols can be heard from a far but the source of the singing can’t seem to be found.The recursion is completely peaceful on Christmas Eve and nothing dangerous ever happens.