The Eternity Chamber

The Eternity Chamber Attributes

Level: 1
Laws: Psionics
Playable Races: Any race
Foci: -
Connection to the Strange: You can enter The Strange from the only door in the room.
Connection to Earth: Gates to this recursion appear and disappear in random doorways.
Age and Size: Juvenile Recursion
Spark: 0%
Trait: Naive The difficulty of any task that involves seeing through deceptions or determining someone’s secret motive is increased by one step. From Numenera Character Options

What A Recursor Knows About The Eternity Chamber

-If no one is sitting in the chair, recursor knows that they fill feel "great" if they sit on it. They won't know about not being able to get back up, unless someone is sitting on the chair, in which case they also know its safe to remove person from it.

The “Eternity Chamber” appears to be size of pocket dimension rather than juvenile recursion. Recursion looks like a very well decorated room fit for a wealthy aristocrat. Big comfortable chair next to small table with a martini, always lit fireplace, quite many bookshelves filled with thick impressive looking books, etc.

On closer examination, all of the books are filled with nonsense scribbling and it is impossible to remove any of the decorations from the room, even drinking the martini is impossible. Everyone who enters this recursion feels a compulsion to sit on the chair and once they do, they discover it is impossible to sit up from it. Only way to get away from the chair is if someone else in the room helps you up from it.

When subject on the chair gives up getting away, from outside point of view they seem to fall into catatonic state while unblinkingly staring straight ahead. From interviews with the “victims” it has been learned that while in this state, subjects see visions that can greatly vary. Some describe it as psychedelic euphoria and some report that they were living their good memories again over and over. But reports do have one thing in common: all “visions” start with subject seeing the room as padded cell and being tied to the chair with straitjacket. They report hearing incomprehensible whispering, until finally at end they can make out words “Starting the treatment”.

The feeling of euphoria and happiness isn’t only effect chair has on the subjects. For duration of the state, subjects’ bodies seem to enter into some type of stasis: they don’t age, they don’t need sustenance, they can’t be harmed and illnesses and injuries don’t affect them as long they are in the state. This is reason for nickname “Eternity Chamber”, theoretically an unlucky recursor could be stuck in the chair for eternity. When the recursion was discovered by the organization, they discovered a recursor who had been missing for two years in same condition they had disappeared in.

Origin and purpose of the recursion is currently under investigation. Some theories suggest that the chair might be a probe that searches through subject’s memories or even a psychic being that feeds on them, but nothing concrete has been discovered yet.