Neo-Manhattan Attributes

Level: 5
Laws: Mad Science
Playable Races: Human
Foci: -, Is Licensed to Carry, Infiltrates, Leads, Wields Two Weapons At Once
Skills: Mecha piloting
Connection to the Strange: At end of the every week, a portal to the strange opens at the most damaged area of the city.
Connection to Earth: Various Gates in form of "Neo-Manhattan" movie posters.
Age and Size: Developed Recursion
Spark: 25%
Trait: Brash

What A Recursor Knows About Neo-Manhattan

  • Neo-Manhattan, that seems to be futuristic fusion of New York and Tokyo is last known human habitant from inhabitants' point of view
  • Every week, city's damage will get repaired completely during the final day and new creature will emergence once a week. Population of the city seems to never decrease despite the attacks.

“Behold! Giant nuclear powered robots, the last hope of the humanity! Protecting humanity from evil giant killer robots, alien invaders and giant monsters!

On Neo-Manhattan, the last bastion of humanity, people work hard to survive! Contact to outside world has been last, oceans have turned blood red and warring factions of evil robots, aliens and giant oceanic monsters emergence to attack the city! What will you do? Well, fight them with nuclear powered robots, of course!”

-Text on the gates that take the form of “Neo-Manhattan” posters.

Neo-Manhattan recursion was created from fictional leakage from various giant robot battle show tropes. In the recursion, parts of New York surrounding Manhattan borough have fallen into the ocean. Some areas haven’t been completely swallowed by the red sea, ruined skyscrapers can be seen in the distance. Curiously, the center of Neo-Manhattan were rich and powerful live is partially identical to modern Tokyo.

People of the city believe they might be last surviving members of the humanity. The outside world is believed to be a battleground between mysterious invading aliens, giant monsters who arrive from the deeps of the now blood red sea and giant warmachines controlled by the artificial intelligent calling itself Deus. Once a week, a giant monster from one of these three factions arrives and threatens the city with destruction.

┬áRecursors translate as members of city’s defense forces who pilot giant robots, or mechas. Mechas are controlled directly by human mind and each pilot is “plugged” into them. As such, personal combat ability of the recursor will be robot’s fighting style as well, e.g. wields two weapon foci means robot will be efficient with two weapons as well.

Monster attack can happen during any day of the week, but there will be only one per week. Monsters usually arrive at coast and proceed to attack buildings, which are in much worse condition than ones in the central area, at that area first. Oddly enough, during monster attacks civilians seem to have disappeared completely while monsters tear buildings like cardboard.


As all monsters, regardless of origin, who attack Neo-Manhattan would be impossible to face on foot, mechas are must. There are mechas of three types, light, medium and heavy and can be compared to light, medium and heavy weapons mechanic wise. Each of the type can be equipped with ranged or melee weapons. Additionally, heavy mechas require multiple persons plugged in to be controlled, persons plugging in man different “stations”.

Giant monsters

While all of the monsters are usually level 10, when in mecha fight they also belong to light(levels 3-4), medium (5-6) and heavy (7. Monsters usually don’t higher than that). All of monsters that attack the city are unique regardless of which faction they come from. Light category monsters aren’t usually the main monster, they might be creatures spawned by bigger one.For example, alien carrier ship sends out smaller infantry mechas. Medium are the usual the main type, but very rarely the monster will be heavy kind.


-Some people spread rumors that ruling city council has been infiltrated by the aliens.

-Blood red sea shorts out mechas, hence why naval combat is to be avoided.