BioRoma Attributes

Level: 1
Laws: Substandard Physics, Mad Science
Playable Races: Human, Mutant
Foci: Adapts to Any Environment, Conducts Weird Science, Infiltrates, Integrates Weaponry, Lives In The Wilderness, Metamorphosizes, Operates Undercover, Regenerates Tissue, Solves Mysteries, Wields Two Weapons At Once
Connection to the Strange: At the world's end one can literally fall into the strange
Connection to Earth: Various Gates.
Age and Size: Old Recursion
Spark: 20%
Trait: Tough

What A Recursor Knows About BioRoma

The best place to find weird weapons if you are not enslaved by the seller.

Stay away from politics it could kill you

Hundreds of years ago some people tried to escape from Ruk aboard a lifeboat made from the recursion itself; maybe they hoped to find freedom or only to escape the endless conflicts of their home; unfortunately during the initial moments of the flight something went horribly wrong and they foud themselves stuck into another recusion wich was a glorius dream of everything the old Roman republic should have been: glorious, powerful, righteous and eternal. The survivors after the accident instead of rebulding their craft started a vicious infighting about who was to blame and how to best remedy their situation, fast foward to the present and the recursion has become a nightmare of mutant armies battling bioenanched legions for the supremacy, indeed the survivors used their mad science to usurp the various seats of power and after having established themselves as senators, dictators, tribal leaders or pharaons used their knowledge and newly aquired armies into foolish wars to determine who was in the wrong, who was to blame and especially who is rigth. Today the recursion is extremely different from it’s roots as an utopia of the ancient world; weird machine beasts bred by the nothrn barbarians roam the countryside, in the romans cities artisans try to blend their craft with that of their inhuman masters to build the best weapons and armors while the pharaons of the south alter their subjects to create the perfect soldier. To a casual visitor this recursion would seem like stepping into the past if one could ignore the mutated slaves, that strange crossbow that a soldier is carring or the strange pland beast hybrid which cling to the external walls of the senator’s villa. Basically this recursion is a “what if” the ancient world had strange biotechs weapons and a group of leaders who use their armies to settle personal matters.