Walks with Spirits

Walks with Spirits

Draggable: Yes
Recursions: Ardeyn, Crow Hollow, Earth, Gloaming, rep, Thunder Plains Howling Wastes
Recommended Laws: Standard Physics, Magic
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: Your ancestors recommended that you find the group, but didn't say why.
2: During a vision journey you came across one of the group members and must deliver them a message.
3: Your animal guide led to to the general vicinity of a group of strangers.
4: You came in to town to find an item, but were sidetracked by strangers.
Equipment: Spirit Crystal (In reality just a useless precious gem that acts as a signal booster when summoning or communicating with spirits).
Minor Effect Suggestion: The spirits intervene in your favour.
Major Effect Suggestion: The spirits impart wisdom or give the character a special item to help their cause.

You can commune with the spirits around you, seeking their help and guidance, perhaps even entering the spirit realm to achieve your own ends.

Players with this focus can see and communicate with any spirits in the immediate vicinity. (Though spirits may choose to ignore them).

Tier 1: Commune (2 Intellect points).

Summon any spirit and seek their guidance.

Tier 2: Spirit Lance (1 Might point, 1 Intellect point per round used).

Create a light weapon composed of spirit energy.

Tier 3: Summon Spirit Guide (3 Intellect points).

Summon a Spirit Guide, who may:

Fight for you. (Level 2 Spectral creature).

Guide you. 

or otherwise help in some capacity.

Tier 4: Astral Project (4 Intellect points).

Project your Spirit to another place, each action you attempt to take costs 2 Might points and 2 Intellect Points.

Tier 5: Astral Project 2.

Reduces cost of actions taken to 1 Might point and 1 Intellect point.

Tier 6: Spirit Corridor (3 Might, 5 Intellect points).

Open a gateway to the Spirit World that allows you to pass from one location to another undetected by those in the mortal realms. (Cost covers entry and exit for up to five people).