Walks in Shadows

Walks in Shadows

Draggable: Yes
Recursions: Earth, Custom Astral Plane
Recommended Laws: Standard Physics, Magic
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: You were stalking your latest target but were sidetracked by a member of the group.
2: A group member inadvertently stepped on your foot.
3: You were hired to spy on a member of the group, but were seen by that group member.
4: A group member caught you attempting to rob someone.
Equipment: Small Vehicle (Bicycle or Skateboard), Street Clothes, $250.
Minor Effect Suggestion: After successfully completing action or attack you take cover in the shadows.
Major Effect Suggestion: Player may take an extra action, activating Shadow Speed for free.

 You have always been able to step into the shadows and melt out of sight, it was a knack that helped you survive a troubled childhood and now you use it to make a living.

Tier 1: Shadow Stalk (2 Speed points).

Step unseen into the shadows, moving swiftly but silently and stalk your prey.

Tier 2: Shadow Speed (3 Speed Points).

Use the shadows to augment your speed and take two actions in a round.

Tier 3: Shadow Blade (2 Speed Points).

Conjure a blade of pure Shadow which extends from your arm, the blade counts as a Medium Weapon from which you take no penalty.

Tier 4: Enshroud (3 Might Points if Attacking, 2 Speed if Defending).

Either Enshroud an enemy to prevent their taking any action or Enshroud a friend to prevent their taking damage or to allow them to follow you into the Shadows.

Tier 5: Shadow Sling (2 Speed Points).

Create and sling a projectile of pure shadow, dealing 2 damage to target and dazing them for 1 round.

Tier 6: Shadow Mastery (4 Speed Points).

Your shadow detaches itself and takes a more corporeal form to aid you. Shadow is a level 3 creature which lasts for 5 rounds.

Health: 9.

Attack with Shadow Blade or Shadow Sling, each attack reduces lifespan by one round.