Dies Horribly

Dies Horribly

Draggable: No
Recursions: Custom Apocnarokageddon
Recommended Laws: Exotic, Magic, Entropic Physics
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: You died horribly at the hands of a group member and now vow revenge.
2: You died horribly saving a member of the group.
3: You died horribly in the arms of a member of the group who tried to save you.
4: You died horribly in an accident involving the group.
Equipment: N/A
Minor Effect Suggestion: Player lives succeeding in task, however dies horribly moments later, achieving something worthwhile in death.
Major Effect Suggestion: Player regenerates with a bonus item.

You die horribly, it’s what you do, but hey, for you death isn’t the end, it’s just a waypoint on the way to your next death, which is probably about five minutes away….

Player will automatically regenerate a moment later with full equipment, recovering anything they may have lost.

Tier one:

Regeneration. Player will regenerate upon death.

Tier two:

Regeneration+: Player will regenerate, with the weapon they were last using having regained a full clip (If projectile based) and any used Cyphers have a fifty percent chance of recharging, if a player discards one of these items in favour of another item the new item will be the one they Regenerate with. (Does not work with explosives.)

Tier three:

Take ‘Em Withya! (2 less Speed Points upon Regeneration): You die horribly? So does the other guy.

Tier four:

The Final Countdown: Instead of instantly regenerating you may choose to become a Phantom (Someone who is locked just out of full corporeality) for 3 rounds, you will not be able to interact, nor will you be able to take damage, passing through doors and walls is a possibility, but only at GM discretion.

Tier five:

Reaper’s Apprentice “My best friend’s name is Grim”

(3 less Might Points upon Regenerate): Upon expiry, your body explodes into a cloud of noxious gas dealing 2 damage per round for six rounds or until dissipation.

Tier six:

Perhaps some other time?: You don’t die…yet, rather the wound which would have just killed you doesn’t, instead your horrible death is halted for two rounds.