The Hunt

The Hunt Attributes

Level: 3
Laws: Magic, Mad Science
Playable Races: Human
Foci: Howls at the Moon
Skills: None
Connection to the Strange: Creatures in the Hunt can see and travel directly into (or fall into) the Strange from the edge of the recursion. Creatures native to the Strange can see into the Hunt, but cannot normally enter.
Connection to Earth: Various Gates hidden in several clandestines underground gambling places, normally belonging to organized crime.
Age and Size: Juvenile Recursion
Spark: 0%
Trait: Sharp-Eyed

What A Recursor Knows About The Hunt

  •  The Hunt operates under the Law of Magic and Mad Science to allow a more diverse ways to kill the preys.
  • There is no natives in the recursions aside of Sir George Kennigstone
  • Sir George Kennigstone is truly immortal. If he is killed he reforms instantly and his killer is punished accordingly (GM discretion).
  • If someone wins the games all her wishes can come true.



“Homo homini lupus est”
It doesn’t matter how many time pass.
Neither how many laws,culture and civilizations have developed the humanity.
Deep down the humans are still animals.
And the beast inside only knows one simple rule:
Eat or be eaten.
There is no more truth than the survival of the fittest.
There is no more social classes than hunter and prey.
The Hunt recursion is the result of that philosophy.
Every 15 days some special chosen ones will receive a sealed envelope containing only an old coin.
The ones that discovered his origin will be able to find a recursion door (normally in some illegal gambling place) that will transport it to the Hunt recursion.
Once they trespass the door, the coin will disappear.
Any recursion traveller that enters into the Hunt will found a Victorian age manor surrounded by a huge primal forest.

In that manor an english lord named Sir George Kennigstone will give them the welcome and introduce to the Main Hall.

There will be kept there until the suitable number of “guests” enter into the recursion.

Once this happen Sir Kennigstone will explain the rules of the game.
During three days all the recursors will be trapped in that recursion.

During that time they will be hunters and have to between them.

The winner will receive the ultimate price
(A wish disk cypher see pag. 97 Technology Compendium Sir Arthour’s Guide to the Numenera).

The ones still alive after the three days will be able to return to their native homes.

The dead ones will stay in the Hunt. Their bodies will feed the plants and their souls will help to create the next wish disk.

To add more complications half of the recursors will be beasts.

They will receive the Howls at the moon foci, with one little twist: while in the Hunt recursion they can’t change into their human form and will stay into that animal form until they will be killed or the game ends.
The rules are simple:
Every hunter killed is worth one point.
Every beast killed is worth of two points.
When you someone you inherit the points that she may have accumulated.
At the end of the third day the ones with more points wins.
A beast that survives these three days can keep and drag the Howl at the Moon foci as if she had a Memory Shard artifact
(see pag. 123 Technology Compendium Sir Arthour’s Guide to the Numenera).
Once that the rules are explained each recursor are teleported to a random place of the forest and half of that transformed in beasts.
And the Hunt begins!