Practices Exorcism

Practices Exorcism

Draggable: No
Recursions: Gloaming, Custom The Midnight Building
Recommended Laws: Magic, Psionics
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: Pick one other PC. You and she once undertook an exorcism together, and it went horribly wrong.
2: Pick one other PC. You believe that he might make a good exorcist, given proper training. Whether or not he wants that training is up to him.
3: Pick one other PC. You once performed an exorcism of one of her deceased loved ones in the past. Whether she thanks you for ending the pour soul’s torment, or hates you for hounding the ghost back into the grave, is up to her.
4: Pick one other PC. He has become something of a “ghost magnet,” drawing a lot of (so far, non-harmful) interest from the spirit world. He doesn’t seem to notice; whether or not you tell him, and whether or not you do something about it, is up to you.
Equipment: Clothing, one weapon of your choice, exorcism kit (books, candles, mirrors, etc.; grants an asset in tasks related to banishing ghosts), $300
Minor Effect Suggestion: You find a reserve of concentration, restoring 2 points to your Intellect pool.
Major Effect Suggestion: Your blow is accompanied by a strong rebuke, and your target is stunned for one round.

Not everyone stops when they die. Unfinished business, the need to issue a warning, or just plain old-fashioned hate can keep a person from the peaceful sleep of the grave, and while they see their reason for existing beyond death as necessary or urgent, the living seldom see things the same way.

That’s where you come in. You specialize in guiding the spirits of the restless to their appointed afterlives, whether they want to go or not. The good days are when you can help a poor soul finish his purpose in life and find some measure of peace. The bad days involve a lot of holy water, sticky rice, and screaming.

Nanos and spinners are the most likely candidates for fighting hungry ghosts, but vectors could do well in rituals that require a lot of fortitude and determination.

Tier 1: Spirit Lore. You are trained in all tasks related to identifying different types of spirits, their weaknesses, etc. Note that this only applies to incorporeal undead. Enabler.

Ghost Touch. You inflict 3 additional points of damage when fighting incorporeal undead. Enabler.

Tier 2: Chill in the Air (2 Intellect points). For the next 10 minutes, you can sense all incorporeal undead within long range. You can determine how many spirits are in the area, and in what rough direction(s) they lie. Action.

Tier 3: Learned. Long hours spent in libraries and tombs, researching everything from family histories to local folklore, has given you access to a wide array of knowledge. You gain 1 additional point to your Intellect Edge. Enabler.

Hardened. You have seen the other side of death, and the sight has only made you stronger. You are trained in Intellect defense tasks. Enabler.

Tier 4: Spirit Barrier (3 Intellect points). You cast a protective circle around the place where you stand. For the next ten minutes, if an incorporeal undead creature attempts to enter the area within immediate range of you and you don’t wish it, you make an automatic attack against them. If you hit, not only do you inflict damage, but the target is stunned for one round and must stop their movement. Enabler.

Tier 5: Turn Undead (5+ Intellect points). The dead, incorporeal and corporeal alike, have learned to fear you. Make an intellect-based attack action against each undead creature within short range. Those that you “hit” take no damage, but must flee from you at their maximum speed for the next three rounds. Those that are not “hit” may remain in your presence, but all actions taken against you or those you deem allies are at a two-step penalty. You may spend a level of effort to increase the diameter of the effect from short to long. Action.

Tier 6: Banish (X Intellect points). You have learned how to send the hungry dead screaming back to Hell with powerful spells and sheer force of will. When you target an undead creature (incorporeal or corporeal) with this ability, spend a number of Intellect points equal to the creature’s level and take an attack action. Effort can be used to modify the difficulty of this attack, but not damage. If the attack succeeds, the spectre or possessing spirit is instantly destroyed. This action takes much in terms of concentration from even an experienced exorcist; for one round after using this ability, you are dazed. Action.