Engages the Audience.

Engages the Audience.

Draggable: No
Recursions: Custom The Stage
Recommended Laws: Theatrics
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: You came to The Stage with your preexisting group.
2: You stumbled onto The Stage through a mirror and met the group there.
3: You were a member of The Audience who gained The Spark after seeing the face of one of the group members, whom you now believe to be your soul mate.
4: You materialized out of necessity for the group upon their entry to The Stage.
Equipment: N/A
Minor Effect Suggestion: Roses at your feet.
Major Effect Suggestion: Standing ovation.

*Only available within the recursion known as The Stage.

 Allows you to, at will, become the centre of attention, what you do next and how it goes is up to you. If you are not taking a central role you may Upstage and take attention from the central characters, but this will result in an immediate Plot Twist (GM Intrusion).

There are no tier specific abilities or skills, this focus exists solely to help players engage and coerce The Audience into rewarding the players or vilifying the bad guys, thus helping them control the flow of events.

Available actions granted by this focus:

Upstage: Take control of, and immediately establish a new situation, GM gets to react however they wish.

Empathically Touch Audience: Get them to empathize with you and feel what you feel.

Break the 4th wall: Speak to audience, perhaps influencing their perceptions of events as you give an inner dialogue.