Dreams Lucidly

Dreams Lucidly

Draggable: Yes
Recursions: Earth, Custom Astral Plane
Recommended Laws: Standard Physics, Magic, Psionics
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: You just kinda met.
2: Somewhere in one of your previous dreams you saw the face of a member of the group prompting you to make contact.
3: You got drunk and threw up on a member of the group and now seek to make amends.
4: You got dumped and decided to chat one of the group up as a rebound.
Equipment: Whatever the player can dream up. If starting on Earth: Street Clothes, $125, Cell Phone, small form of transportation (Bicycle or Skateboard or similar).
Minor Effect Suggestion: Player may make a strong suggestion to the world about current events.
Major Effect Suggestion: Player may dream up a single event.

Lucid Dreamers are also known as Astral Wanderers, people who can abandon their body and wander a forgotten realm.

Intellect forges an object whereas it takes expenditure of physical energy to manifest it, therefore certain abilities cost both Might and Intellect, and since effects differ depending upon outcome desired costs are mostly at GM discretion.

Recommended class: Paradox.

Tier 1: Minor Control (Intellect cost based upon effect desired, GM Discretion). (Within Astral Plane).

Players may attempt to create a small object or effect to sway events in their favour (Difficulty determined by GM).

Tier 2: Astral Phenomenon (3+ Intellect Points, 1+ Might Points).

Player may attempt to manifest small objects from the Astral Plane to Earth (the more simple the composition of the object the easier it is to manifest).

Tier 3: Astral Project (3 Intellect, 1 Might).

Player may exit their body and manifest in semi-corporeal form, they may take up to one action for free (additional actions cost 1 Might, 1 Intellect.)

Tier 4: Moderate Control (Intellect cost based upon task).

Player may attempt to create medium sized objects or moderate effects.

Tier 5: Improved Astral Phenomenon (Intellect/Might cost based upon the effect or object desired).

Tier 6: Astral Control (Might/Intellect cost determined by effect desired).

Player may make use of the Astral Plane in ways few others can imagine, be this summoning a creature they imagine to aid in their struggles or imposing a layer of Astral Reality over normal reality to alter events as they are presented, however these things are extremely taxing and dangerous, improper use resulting in immediate death.