Channels Characters

Channels Characters

Draggable: Yes
Recursions: Earth, Custom The Stage.
Recommended Laws: Standard Physics, Theatrics
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: You became a member of the group because they mistook you for someone you were pretending to be.
2: You became a member of the group acting as a double agent for some shadow organization.
3: You were hired by the group (Or assigned to them) as an actor.
4: You still haven't figured out quite how you came to be with these people, you lost control to a character and now no matter what you do all of these weirdos keep calling you (Insert random name here) and you still don't know quite how to get home, but hey, at least it promises to be a fun adventure!
Equipment: Disguise kit, $750, Costume Trunk (An old steamer trunk from which can be removed any costume pertinent to the current character)
Minor Effect Suggestion: All watching are entirely mesmerized for a few moments
Major Effect Suggestion: Gains access to special skill or ability belonging to channeled character for short time.

You not only pretend to be someone else, you become someone else for a short time. Sometimes against your will (At GM’s Discretion.)

Spinners who take this focus need not take checks when using character for deceptive purposes, however they will need to make a difficulty 5 check once every three rounds or lose control to the character for five rounds or more, depending on how many levels below 5 they failed by.

Tier one abilities: Channel Character (3 Intellect Points): Allows player to create a false identity and then present themselves as such for 15 rounds, all others will fully believe them to be this character, players may disguise themselves and their voice but are limited by physical conditions.

Tier two abilities: Reduce difficulty of control checks to level 4, reduce point cost to 2, Now lasts 20 rounds.

Tier three abilities: Impose Character (3 Intellect Points): Enshroud another player in a false identity, control check covers other player as well.

Tier four abilities: Impose Additional Character (2 Intellect Points per additional player enshrouded)

Tier five abilities: Reduce cost of Impose Additional Character to 1

Tier six abilities: Become Character (6 Int points): Indefinitely hold the character, gain access to a special Character Skill or Ability, and your physical appearance alters to match that of character, height, weight, hair colour, , and clothing all change to match character, control checks no longer apply.