Becomes Endless (Lich)

Becomes Endless (Lich)

Draggable: No
Recursions: Custom Antithesia
Recommended Laws: Magic, Negative Physics
Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.
1: This focus pertains to a specific magic-based recusion, and will not be a starting focus.
2: This will not be a starting focus.
3: This will not be a starting focus.
4: This will not be a starting focus.
Equipment: Cyphers or Artifacts.
Minor Effect Suggestion: The Lich's attack deals an extra 2 points of damage or lasts twice as long.
Major Effect Suggestion: The lich's attack deals and extra 4 points of damage or lasts 4 times as long.


Becomes Endless (Lich): Only a Tier 5 or 6 paradox character (NPC or PC) can translate as a Lich. They have the form of a decaying or rotten corpse with fiery burning eyes and robed in once exquisite armor and/or robes. Liches will posses several cyphers and/or artifacts of power, in addition to the revisions requisite of that Tier.


  • Tier 1: Dreadful Aura. The Lich is surrounded with a disturbing countenance that causes the damage of any creature who attacks the lich to be reduced by 3 (+3 Armor to physical attacks.) Silver weapons negate this effect.

  • Tier 2: Horrifying Gaze. (3+ Intellect) Target one creature within long range. On a successful Intellect attack, target will flee as far as it can get away from the Lich, for one round, with a chance of dropping anything it holds (target makes Intellect defense roll or drops held items). Can apply effort to attack roll.

  • Tier 3: Frigid Stare. (4 Intellect) Successful short range Intellect attack causes target to become rigid for 10 rounds less the target’s Might Pool or health. Minimum 1 round.

  • Tier 4: Rule Undead. (5 Intellect) The Lich can command any unintelligent undead within short range to perform any order, up to 12 levels creatures. Alternately, A successful Intellect attack will allow the Lich to command any undead PC or NPC within short range to perform a single word action for it’s next action.

  • Tier 5: Hasty Revision. (6 Intellect) Lich has the ability to use 2 actions in one round if both actions are revisions of Tier 1-3. Enabler.

  • Tier 6: Dismantle Life (8 Intellect). All hostile beings within long range of the Lich will take 6 might damage, ignoring armor. Alternately, the Lich can re-animate corpses or physical remains (for a total of 12 levels of creature(s).